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27-29 March 2012 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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30 2012-Mar-27 09:30   A Formalism for the Systematic Treatment of Rapidity Logarithms in Quantum Field Theory CHIU, Jui-Yu Mannie   Slides
31 2012-Mar-27 10:10   Definition of the TMDPDF Mr. GARCĂ­A, Miguel   Slides
32 2012-Mar-27 10:50   Electroweak Gauge-boson Production at Small qT: Infrared Safety from the Collinear Anomaly Prof. NEUBERT, Matthias   Slides
33 2012-Mar-27 12:00   Resummation for W and Z Production at Large pT Mr. LORENTZEN, Christian   Slides
34 2012-Mar-27 12:30   Electroweak Radiative Corrections and Unitarity of Standard Model OVANESYAN, Grigory   Slides
35 2012-Mar-27 15:00   Double Parton Scattering Prof. MANOHAR, Aneesh   Slides
36 2012-Mar-27 15:40   Resummation for Higgs Production BECHER, Thomas   Slides
37 2012-Mar-27 16:10   Treshold Resummation in QCD vs SCET Prof. RIDOLFI, Giovanni Ridolfi   Slides
38 2012-Mar-27 17:00   Jet Broadening BELL, Guido   Slides
39 2012-Mar-27 17:30   Analysis of the Anomalous-dimension Matrix of n-jet Operators in SCET up to 4 Loops Dr. VERNAZZA, Leonardo   Slides
40 2012-Mar-27 18:00   Precision Thrust Cumulants at N^3LL FICKINGER, Michael   Slides
41 2012-Mar-28 09:30   Breakdown of the Operator Product Expansion in the 't Hooft Model Prof. PINEDA, Antonio   Slides
42 2012-Mar-28 10:10   Next-to-eikonal Exponentiation Prof. LAENEN, Eric   Slides
43 2012-Mar-28 10:50   Gauge Invariant Definition of the Jet Quenching Parameter q-hat. ESCOBEDO, Miguel Angel   Slides
44 2012-Mar-28 11:50   Factorization and Resummation in Inclusive Quarkonium Production at Large Transverse Momentum in p pbar Collisions Prof. LEIBOVICH, Adam   Slides
45 2012-Mar-28 12:30   Factorization of Heavy-to-Light Baryonic Transitions in SCET Dr. WANG, wei   Slides
46 2012-Mar-28 15:00   Soft Collinear Gravity Dr. KIRILIN, Grigory   Slides
47 2012-Mar-28 15:30   Graviton Emission in Einstein-Hilbert Gravity in the Regge Limit Mr. SERNA, Eduardo   Slides
48 2012-Mar-28 16:00   GENEVA Reloaded: First Results from Event Generation with SCET TACKMANN, Frank   Slides
49 2012-Mar-28 17:00   Exclusive Jets in DIS KANG, daekyoung   Slides
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