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27-29 March 2012 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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IXth Workshop on Soft Collinear Effective Theory

 This workshop is the ninth in a series of annual meetings started in 2003. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested in effective field theory applications to collider and heavy-flavor physics, and the interface with other field theory methods for studying QCD. In order to ensure an informal atmosphere with lots of discussion time, attendance is limited to about 60 participants. PhD students will be partly supported. 
The event is sponsored by the European Network LHCPHENONET, the Spanish National Center for Particle, Astroparticle and Nuclear Physics (CPAN) and Spanish Ministry for Education (MICINN).

Dates: from 27 March 2012 08:30 to 29 March 2012 18:00
Location: Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Facultades de Ciencias Fisicas y Ciencias Matematicas
Chairs: Scimemi, Ignazio
Material: Bulletin 2 (PLEASE READ IT: it includes some instruction for registration, accomodation, fee payment, conference dinner,...)
FEE (REGISTRATION) FORM (This form should be sent by email or fax to the Fundación General UCM (FGUCM), to the attention of Mrs. Sonia Cáceres, Fax: +34 91 394 6405, E-mail:
Hotel Booking Form: Hotel conditions are valid until februrary 13th 2012
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Previous Workshops:
Pittsburgh, PA, March 6-8, 2011,
Ringberg Castle, Germany, April 06-09, 2010,
MIT, MA March 24-26, 2009,
Mainz, Germany, April 2-5, 2008,
Berkeley, CA March 29-31, 2007,
Tuscon, AZ, March 2-4, 2006,
Seattle, WA, May 16-20, 2005, Pittsburgh, PA, October 13-14, 2003.

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